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Official Rules

 This is a good faith league since there is no way to automatically track game results. If you know you can't be honest please do not join and waste yours and the other leauge members' time.

Teams: There will be a total of 32 teams

Season: Each team will play 16 games during 17 time periods (1 bye period).

Playoffs: Each divisional champ and 4 wild card teams will make the playoffs and will follow the NFL schedule. NFL tiebreaking rules will be referenced if need be.

Game Format: Each and every game will be run using 5 minute quarters and difficulty set to the Pro difficulty level. The game should be set up as a scrimmage rather than a ranked match. Weather will be determined by the home team. See "Game Settings/Other Settings" for weather restrictions.

Match ups: Each head-to-head match up scheduled will be one person vs. one person. Multiple players competing on the same team is not permitted.

Team Setup: Substitutions, depth chart changes, and setting audibles is acceptable, but it is asked that you respect the time and patience of your competitor. Any substitutions should be made prior to kickoff or as quickly as possible. Audibles should be set before the first kickoff and changed during halftime if necessary. Again, be considerate of your opponent's time.

Scheduling Matchups: Each member of the league will be able to reference their schedule on this Website. They will also be able to use the message board to schedule their match up. Scheduled match ups must be played within a one week time frame, which is from Monday to Sunday. Each "real-time" week will consist of 2 football weeks. It does not matter what order you play the games, so long as you complete both games within the week. This rule allows flexibility for two participants to work around each other's schedule so that they can reach a mutually acceptable time to sit down and compete. It is the individual team owner's responsibility to contact their opponent each week to schedule the appropriate match up. The league commissioner will NOT get involved in setting specific match up times. We will provide the necessary means in the form of the message boards

Rescheduled Matches: Rescheduling matches will only be permitted in special cases. This is at the descretion of the commisioner.

Loss of Connection: If during a game, you or your opponent's connection is lost at any time due to "Network Congestion" before the end of the game, the game must be replayed. If one of the teams pauses the game past the 90 seconds given without consulting with the other opponent, then the opponent can decide whether to take the win or not. I think we've got a pretty honest group of guys going, so I don't feel this is going to be an issue.

Camera Views: Whoever is on offense can change to the view they prefer.

Game Settings:
To be ON: Fatigue, Advance Line Moves, Multiple Hot Routes , Injuries (will not carry over from game to game).
To be OFF: Performance EQ, Coach Mode,
Other Settings: Game Speed set to Normal
Gameplay Sliders: At this time, the Gameplay Sliders will remain in the neutral (middle) position
Weather: Weather settings will be decided by the home team. This is another advantage to having home field. No Percipitation as it has been know to cause excess lag. Games also must be Day games. No night or afternoon games as this can also cause lag.

GamerTag Listing: It is required that all league members' Gamertags be in their message board profile signature or it can actually be your MB name. This will make it much easier to locate your scheduled opponent on the Xbox Live! network. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT.

XBox Live Communicator Headset: This league does not require the use of the communicator headset, however, it is strongly advised that you keep it close by in case you need to pause the game for a moment or for any other reason where communicating with your opponent may be necessary. Most people understand that others don't like to talk and play at the same time. Simply stating this before the match is probably the best way go - simply keep your mic on mute until it's necessary to speak again. Several references to the masking feature of the headset have been mentioned in forums already. From the sounds of things, the masks make it hard at times to understand what is being said. With that, the league is going to ask that you turn the masking feature off during league games.

Scoring and Stats Tracking: At the completion of each game, BOTH teams must send game stats, and their own player stats. Go to the stats page to complete one of the two reports.

Player stats to report.
1.) Final Score for both teams (and OT designation if applicable)
2.) Date and time match took place.
3.) Complete statistics for the following:

QB: completions/attempts, passing yards, TDs, INTs (Rush yards & TDs if apply)

RB: attempts, rushing yards, TDs (pass and reception stats if apply)

WR & TE: yards, TDs (rushing and passing stats if they apply)

Defensive players: only report the players with sacks, blocked kicks, or interceptions and TDs if they run it back.

Kickers: Field goals/attempts.

Attendance Rules: It is extremely important that all those who register fully understand how even one missed game can really affect the league and their opponents. If you don't feel you can completely commit to playing 16 regular season games plus playoffs, then please do NOT register to be in this league. By you joining, it prevents someone else from being a part of the league that may have been able to fully participate. It wouldn't be fair to them, and it wouldn't be fair to the rest of the league. The Match up Rules of this league certainly allows flexibility for two individuals to find a time to play over the course of a two week period and thus eliminating most any excuse for not being able to play a scheduled match.

Code of Conduct: This is very important.

Trash Talking: Talking smack is one thing, flaming or using defamatory comments is another. This league will NOT tolerate flaming of any kind. If you are reported for flaming another league member during a game or through e-mail, the following will occur:

1 incident: 1 warning
2 incidents: probation with possibility of being eliminated from playoffs despite regular season record.
3 incidents: expulsion from league.

This league is meant to provide a forum where individuals can enjoy playing videogame-football against "live" opponents - - not to verbally attack them. Talking smack is a different issue and is not against any codes of conduct for this league, its part of the fun!

Disconnecting During Gameplay: Purposely disconnecting during a match up will not be tolerated and the above mentioned repercussions will take place if this happens. It is understandable if your connection is lost (it happens to all of us on occasion), but disconnecting because you are a losing is an act of poor sportsmanship and will not be tolerated. The league will investigate all disconnections. When a connection is lost on Xbox Live! a message appears to both gamers stating how and why the disconnection took place. You aren't fooling anyone if you log off in the middle of a match up! A game is considered "in the books" if the first half has been completed. Once the second half is underway, then if one person is disconnected due to poor sportsmanship, then the game's score at that point is the final score. If the game is tied, then 1 point will be awarded to the good sportsman.

Pausing the Game:The game is to be paused for a MAXIMUM of 90 seconds. So take those restroom breaks prior to starting a game. Take the dog for a walk; tell your girlfriend goodbye, etc…BEFORE starting a league game.

If for some reason, you must pause the game for any amount of time for more than 10-15 seconds (referring to idle time, not when changing an option or depth chart), use your headset to communicate with your opponent. The Xbox Live Communicator headset is not required in this league, but it should be close by in case you need to explain the delay with your opponent.

Zooms: When going back to the line of scrimmage, many gamers like to use the L and R buttons to zoom out and check the match ups and get a better view of the defensive formation. Sega has yet to make this possible where it only affects the offense and not the opposing defense's T.V. screen. As a result, the player on defense sometimes jumps off sides and/or becomes disoriented as the camera zooms in and out quickly. It is within league rules to use the zoom features, but use discretion. If you see your opponent jumping offsides as you are zooming in and out, then you should limit the amount of times you do this. From experience, people have been known to zoom in and out as a tactic to get cheap offsides calls. It's a pretty low-class move and if it is consistently reported to the league staff, you may get booted from the league.

Instant Replays: While some great plays are worthy of viewing again, it sometimes can be perceived as "showboating" to the opposing team. Some people like to select various camera angles and player perspectives which others (opponents) find annoying. So it is recommended that you keep replays to a minimum.

Filing a Complaint: If you feel the need to file a complaint against another individual, DO NOT e-mail them your complaint. You are to e-mail the Commissioner (eric841@hotmail.com) of the league who will investigate your claims. This must be done within 24 hours from the incident in question. When filing a complaint, you must give the username of the individual in question and the conduct or actions you are protesting. Include the text "NFL2k3 User Complaint" in the subject heading of your e-mail and the match up date you are referring to. Be as detailed as possible in the body of your email. Your letter will be reviewed within 48 hours and the other party will be contacted to obtain their side of the story. It is expected that resolution to any such incident will be between 3 to 4 days. Because there may be protests involving incidents, which occur during a game, it may be advantageous to play scheduled match-ups earlier in the week than waiting until the last few days. Once a new week begins, past week protests might not be investigated.

Onsides Kicks: If you are to try an onside kick, it must be with your default kick off kicker from the onside formation. If your kicker is injured, whoever the computer defaults as your backup must make the attempt. Any attempt at an onsides kick without your default kicker, or that is not in the onsides formation, will result in an automatic loss.

Summary: If you register to join this league, you are indicating that you have read the above and agree to comply with all the rules, guidelines, and values this league holds. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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last updated 08-Jan-03