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Both the winner and loser must report game results by one of the methods listed below.

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Passing Leaders

Top Kickers

Rushing Leaders

Special Teams

Receiving Leaders


Team owner and gamertag listing

Week 1 MVP

Week 2 MVP

Rich Gannon

Oakland vs. Seattle

18 of 25 for 361 yards

2 pass TDs, 1 INT

Marshall Faulk

St. Louis vs NY Giants

20 carries, 122 yards, 2 TDs

227 rec. yards 4 rec TDs

Week 3 MVP

Week 4 MVP

Curtis Martin

NY Jets vs. Miami

22 carries, 234 yards, 5 TDs

66 receiving yards

Kordell Stewart

Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland

10 of 17 for 177 yards 3 TDs

31 rush yards, 1 TD

Week 5 MVP

Week 6 MVP

Jake Plummer

Arizona vs Carolina

17 of 23 for 258 yards 3 TDs

0 Interceptions

Warrick Dunn

Atlanta vs NY Giants

18 carries, 262 yards, 4 TDs

13 receiving yards